Willandra’s On-Property Ram Sale

Held annually on the 4th Wednesday in September

The 40th Sale will be held on 26th September 2018.

100 Stud and Specially Selected rams will be offered with Ram Data on body weight, fleece weight, microns, sire information etc.





On the Edge of the Outback


#Image Willandra is a family owned business with a long history of success. The original Willandra Merino Stud was established west of Hillston, NSW, in 1886 and was based on Wanganella F. No. 83 and Tasmanian bloodlines believed to be from Belle Vue.

In 1974, the Willandra Stud was purchased by the Wells family and they have proudly continued the tradition of breeding hardy, well-balanced fertile sheep carrying big fleeces of quality wool for more than four decades. Keeping abreast of current marketing and production trends and continuing to develop and improve the modern Willandra Merino bloodstock is of paramount importance.